beer-meToday in the United States the craft brew phenomenon is at an all time high. The Brewers Association estimates that as of March 2013 there were over 2,300 craft breweries in the United States. Think about that! Over 2,300 craft breweries in the United States alone! That’s 46 in every state, on average.

The question is, how many of those have you been to? Perhaps on the high end 50 or so? Well even if you’re an enthusiast and have been to 75 or 100 that is still less than 5 percent of the total craft brews in the country.

A short introduction of myself, my name is Greg. I love craft beers, microbrews, and the entire culture behind it. This newfound appreciation for fine quality beers has gotten me excited beyond belief! I make my best effort to tour the country and visit as many independent brewers as I can see fit.

But I know that not everyone (myself included) has a big enough budget to visit all of the breweries that are out there, and even if I were to have a budget big enough, who has the time? I mean, I don’t get that kind of time of from work.


That’s why I started BestBeeroftheMonthClub.com. Here at BestBeeroftheMonthClub.com I try to help people increase their craft brew selection by showing them the different options that are available to them in monthly brewing mail delivery. If you can’t go to the beer, why not have the beer come to you?

You may not know, but there are tons and tons of monthly delivery programs that will delivery unique, one of a kind brews from all across the country—and even the world—directly to your door! The problem is navigating through them all and picking out one that is not only trusted with their taste and beer selection but one that will be around for the long haul.

If you have any questions on specific beer clubs that you don’t see on here, give me a shout and I’d be more than happy to check them out.