New Brewers Complete Homebrew Beer Making Kit Review by Monster Brew

Brewing beer at home can be very intimidating, especially when just starting out. I’ll admit there’s a fair bit of science involved, and that can be quite challenging if it’s not your favorite subject.

One way to get around the apprehension is to begin your beer brewing journey in the easiest possible fashion. This can be accomplished by choosing the proper beer making kit for your first batch.

Beer making equipment suppliers have beginners in mind when they put their homebrew kits together.

All the gear and ingredients are designed to work together seamlessly to give you a great beer brewing experience, and they take into account that this may be your first time making homemade beer.

One kit I have used in the past and can highly recommend is the New Brewers Complete Homebrew Beer Making Kit by Monster Brew.

This brew kit is ideal if you’re just starting out with beer making and want to hit a home run right away.

The Monster Brew Kit will enable you to learn the basics of brewing without digging too deeply into the science behind it.

What To Look For In Homemade Beer Kits

New Brewers Complete Beer Making Kit

Buying beer kits can sometimes be confusing because some websites tell you the kit has “everything you need”, but then they don’t list what’s included.

It’s hard to know what to expect when the kit arrives on your doorstep, and many people have been disappointed by incomplete kits, or find out that their particular kit only comes with the equipment, and the ingredients must be ordered separately.

I always check the reviews for any new kit I’m considering. The buyers are pretty free with their information and are not shy about listing anything that may have disappointed them.

You could always look on the manufacturer’s website as well, or even give them a call. All the major manufacturers have dedicated customer support representatives that are eager to answer any of your home brewing questions.

Be aware that most kits do not include a vessel to boil your wort prior to fermenting. This is a necessary step and most home brewers recommend having a stainless steel pot set aside especially for your beer.

This is so you can make sure there wasn’t spaghetti in the pot right before you pour your beer into it.
homemade beer ingredients

Homemade Beer From a Kit

And remember that experts also recommend that you boil the entire batch of beer all at once, as it leads to more consistent tasting home brew.

This means that in order to boil 6 gallons of beer, you will need a pot large enough to hold at least 32 quarts of liquid to allow for boil-over.

Also, if your kit doesn’t include bottles, make sure you’ve saved up enough to hold your brew once it’s completed the process.

What’s Included / Not Included In The New Brewers Complete Homebrew Beer Making Kit by Monster Brew

This kit advertises that it has included everything that’s required to make your first batch of beer. Here’s just a few of the items:

  • 6.5 Gallon Primary Fermenting Bucket
  • 1 Lid Drilled & Grommet
  • 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket w/ Spigot
  • Dual Function Bottle Filler
  • Adhesive Thermometer
  • Auto Siphon
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Emily Double Lever Capper
  • Bottle Brush
  • 5ft x 5/16in Flex Vinyl Tubing
  • 3 Piece Airlock
  • 8 oz of B-BRITE™ Cleanser
  • Amber Beer Kit (includes caps!)
  • 48 12 oz Amber bottles

As you can see, everything you need is contained here.

One thing to note about this kit is that it doesn’t come with a long mixing spoon, so you may need to purchase one separately.

You’ll need this item so please don’t go without it and use something you have lying around.

Like we spoke about above, this kit does not supply a brewing pot, so make sure you have a big enough vessel for this purpose.

This kit is great for your first time brewing because virtually everything you need is included and the instructions are very clear to work with, leaving no guesswork on your part.

For first time homemade beer makers, this is a very important point. If you fail on your first attempt, chances are you may not give it a try again.

Remember that when you order this kit you can reuse all the equipment the next time. All you need to do is order the ingredients and you’ll be able to brew batch after batch of delicious beer by just following the instructions.

If you want to expand your beer making operation, this kit will allow for that as well. It’s a great base to begin your homemade beer making.

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